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Planning a funeral for someone is a bit difficult during the short period after their death, especially if it was unexpected. For many, they won’t know how good it was or if the deceased would have approved. There are a lot of factors in a funeral and it is always best to match what the deceased would desire. So, there is the option of pre-planning your own funeral and not burdening the extra stress to the family while they are grieving and figuring out how to pay for the funeral. The question becomes when should we start. The answer is now because we won’t know when that day will come. By preplanning our funeral, we can be sure it is celebrated exactly as we want it and the family can relax about any costs that can suddenly occur.

There are multiple steps to planning a funeral, but doing so ahead of time allows you to take your time compared to hastily planning it in real-time. First, there is deciding whether you want to be buried or cremated and where your remains will go. That is which place exactly, such as the state, but also what cemetery or field. This allows you to talk with the funeral director who will help cover the bases on preplanning. Questions you need to answer: in a casket or in a mausoleum? Burial or cremation? In an actual cemetery or have your ashes scattered in a place that is special to you, like the ocean, forest, or have your family keep them in an urn? What type of casket or urn?

By prepaying the funeral, that is another lingering matter that won’t need to be dealt with. Decide to pay for the funeral ahead with one single payment or via a payment plan with the funeral home of choice. Or, you can put money on the side for the family to pay the costs because all listed above does cost money. But if you pay now, the price of today is guaranteed compared to the future. This is the desire for people to personalize their funeral so everyone knows what they should be doing.

There are other simple factors to consider. Who will officiate it? How big should the service be? Who will come? A viewing, wake, and visitation? Any religious services? Type of music? Flowers and decorations? These are things, as small as they are, to choose from ahead of time. To get it right, you must communicate to the family what you want and what is being paid for. By talking to them, there won’t be any concerns about what you really wanted.

A funeral is a celebration of one’s life. It should be a perfect way to go out. It’s like the complete will and testament in terms of who inherits what. All of these affairs should be settled before death comes entering.

Beside Stillwaters is a local funeral home located in Oklahoma City. We specialize in funeral planning, cremation and assist with pre-need services. As Oklahoma City’s most decorated funeral home, we service all of our families with pride and dignity. 

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