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While we all know that death is inevitable, not many of us would openly welcome any topics concerning death, much more talk about funeral planning. But, there are actually a number of benefits of planning your funeral in advance that you may not have even realized yet.

The Importance of Funeral Planning

Why is it important to consider funeral planning?

First, we need to understand the importance of funeral services. A funeral service is a way for the family, friends, and loved ones of the departed to express their love and respect. It provides an avenue for the surviving family and relatives to express their grief for someone who was dear to them. Ultimately, funeral services help ease the difficult process and prepare the surviving family in moving forward after someone’s passing.

Funeral services take time and can be financially taxing. This is why funeral planning is important. While having a pre-arranged funeral will never ease the pain of loss and the grief of your surviving family, it can help to make the path of the healing process just that much easier. Below are the top three reasons why funeral planning is important:

1. Funeral planning gets rid of the heavy emotional burden from your family.

Of the many people who are now choosing to have their funeral pre-arranged, one of their biggest deciding factors is the desire to eliminate the emotional burden from their surviving family.

Death in the family can be very stressful, and with grief and heightened emotions, disagreements can quickly escalate. A pre-arranged funeral would mean that the family you are leaving behind can focus more on dealing with their grief instead of cramming over for funeral arrangements. This means that your family will have the benefit of being able to have a meaningful funeral as they deal with the sadness and start the healing process.

2. Advanced funeral planning saves your family from the financial burden accompanied by funeral expenses.

Death can happen to anyone, anytime regardless of whether you are financially ready or not. This is where funeral planning plays an important role, to save your family from the burdens of the costly funeral expenses. Having a funeral planning is essential to ease out financial worries during the difficult time of grief.

3. A pre-arranged funeral gives you the freedom to have your choices followed and your preferences to rule, albeit for one last time.

Would you rather have your surviving family disagree about the details of your funeral service, such as whether you should be cremated or not, or where will the funeral service be held or where will you be buried?

By having your funeral plans arranged ahead of time, you’ll have the freedom to choose exactly how you would want things to happen. This could be the last time you can show everyone your unique personality or showcase your interests and passion which you can apply in your personalized funeral arrangement.

On top of this, your grieving family will have already known what your final wishes are to avoid disputes. This way the family you are leaving behind can spend their time and attention on the grieving process which is necessary to achieve closure and start the healing process from pain and grief over a loved one’s passing.

Beside Stillwaters is a local funeral home located in Oklahoma City. We specialize in funeral planning, cremation and assist with pre-need services. As Oklahoma City’s most decorated funeral home, we service all of our families with pride and dignity. 

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  • Sarah Packer June 21, 2019 1:08 pm

    As my husband and I get a little older, I want to be prepared in case we were to pass suddenly. I didn’t know when you plan your funeral beforehand, you’ll also take that financial burden off your loved ones, especially in a difficult time of grief. If there’s anything I can do to make my family feel more secure, I’ll do it; I’ll have to call and look around for some prearranged funeral service companies to see what other options I have, thanks to this post!

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